FEB 12th 2019 

Nivhek - Walking in a spiral towards the house- Side C (part a)
The Advisory Circle - The April Interval (realtime deep pitch)
Neon Jung - Looking Sideways Through Time 3D
James Holden - Srey Pov’s Theme (End Credits)
Parish Council - St. Peter Port_Wiltshire_Cooking Leeks
Nivhek - Walking in a spiral towards the house- Side C (part b)
Untitled sleep drift
Lapalux - BELOW
Kirk Spencer - Upsides 3D
Dallas Simpson - Webster's Raft (excerpt) 3D
February Montaine - Janet (Kaiku Mix Version)

Izanasz - Tapestries 
Micromelancolié - Anatomy of Modern Paintings (Side A)
Fischerle - Palto 
la plimbare - se lasă iarna (excerpt)
Jonáš Gruska - Slnečno
Zaumne - Friends
Gábor Lázár - Crisis of Representation #
Evitceles - Withdrawn Breathe You Out
Casi Cada Minuto - In Vain
Gosheven - Excluded and Abused
Andzej Nowak - A View of Wilderness
Pjoni - VVR Asylum
Enchanted Lands - All Silver and Shadows and Visions of Things Not Seen

Mike Slott - Mayday
Lapalux - Between
Little Baby Angel - Supersky
Tirzah - Do You Know
Khruangbin - August 10
La Plimbare - întâmplare
Pariah - Rain Soup
Ipek Gorgun - Neroli
D E E P L E A R N I N G - Softbody Test
Laurel Halo -Narbeihkeit
OPN -Still Stuff That Doesnt Happen
Dan Deacon - Training
William Basinski and Lawrence English - Selva Oscura


CJ Mirra - 'In Search of Silence'
Brad Thompson - The Dream 
Tom Curren - Untitled
Droon - Unkown
LeeAnn Curren - Surf Mimosa
Pink Floyd - Echoes
Tommy Guerrero - By First and Fury
Jaleesa & Harry Vincent - Battle Of The Bowls
George Trimm - Blue Intensity 
CJ Mirra - Hydrogogic Rock (Drop Studios)
Cat Power - I Found A Reason
Matt Corby - What the Devil Has Made
Andrew Van Wingarden - I Just Knew
Mickey Smith -  Dark Side Of The Lens
The Mayhems - Surfin’ Moon

Bryce Hackford Guest Mix:

Billy Body
Black Roots
Viola Klein B1
YouWho Conversations
SP Posse
Boonlorm edit
Huerco $
Disco Classics 

Adam Badi Donoval Mix:



Deep Learning - Earth
Mike Slott - Mirror I

Merz Interview Pt.1
Merz 'Desert' Guest Mix
Merz Interview Pt.2

Severed Heads - Lamborghini (Petrol 1982) 
Lumigraph - Wavewatcher


Unknown - Vision 3
Boards of Canada - Open The Light
Deep Learning - Freedom Of Things
Carlo Giustini - Via Letizia

Last Human Guest Mix

CJ Mirra - Forest Liquid Light
Andrea Balency - Tombling
Layo Bell - Waterfall Walk (Binaural Field Recording)
Hieroglyphic Being - Apple

HRNS - Shoulder Blade Cut Through (AtA edit) (ot to, not to Remix)
Mouse On Mars -Dimensional People Part III 2
HRNS - After the Angels
CJ Mirra - Hydrogogic Rock

Sam Potter 'Music To Die To Loophole' Guest Mix

Morgan Buckley - Call Incoming
DMX Crew - Forward March
Jon Hopkins - Emerald Rush
Kara-Lis Coverdale - Grafts (excerpt)
Saulius Petreikis & Domas Strupinskas - Kanklès
Sonic Youth & Jim O'Rourke - Hungara Vivo
Young Fathers - Lord
BIRTHRIGHTS - Slowest Moving Part
Wet Cacti - 04
±±±±±±± - Speller Level Up
CJ Mirra - Everglade Parade
Last Human - 03 149,896,229 m_s
Woo - The Frog's Fandango
Accidental Meditation (sc rip)
 Saulius Petreikis & Domas Strupinskas - Molinukai
Mt Accord - Postcards From A Dream
Hiroshi Yoshimura - Water Copy
Pacific yew - nowadays (loner)
Brian Eno - Another Green World

Matthew David - Time Flying
Franky Redente - Moon #1
OKLOU - Lurk

Mark Isham - Never cry wolf
Claude Speeed - Wellness drone
Yann Kesz - Phase one
Madlib- The main inspiration
Hannah Cox - Cold Porridge
Elos- Fall light (MNDSGN remix)
Herva - Wavtobin
Young Fathers - In My View
Penthouse Penthouse- To the sun (ft king jet)
Stuff - Axioti

Dane Rousay - IMP / ENV + Interview
Lung Dart - One Day You Just Stop (Object Agency Remix)
Manorexia - A Plastic Island In The Pacific
C8 / ACR - Mystery Tape Side B 


Machinedrum - Spectrum Sequence 
S I T R A - Enter The Moss Garden 
Chris Watson - Oceanus Pacificus 
Neon Jung - Looking Sideways Through Time 3D 
Matthew Dear - Around A Fountain 3D 
Last Human - Rainfall
Anenon - Ghost
Lee Ann Curren - Scottish Sun 
CJ Mirra - Destroy Us / Headache OST 
Mt Accord - Ping-Pong With Grandma 
Adel Mede - the garden of solar powered night owls + Interview 
S I T R A - Listen, The Wind Has Something to Say 
Mt Accord - A Widening Rift 
Theydon Bois - Mir (3P1) 
Mike Slott - Mirror V 
BIRTHRIGHTS - You Just Know (wip mix) 
LAYO BELL - Airwaves Carnival (Ralph's Tape) 
Angels In The Architecture - Sollaconfusa 
Mount Kimbie - Blue Train Lines