HEADACHE | Dir: Feix Gansiche | Composition | Sound Design 

EDGES OF SANITY | Dir: Chris McClean | Finisterre | Soundtrack | Location Sound | Sound Design

NORFOLK | Dir: Martin Radich | Sound Design 

UK release:  September 2016  www.norfolkthefilm.com/screenings A father and son live a reclusive lifestyle in the middle of nowhere. The man, a disillusioned mercenary, has his final target in sight - a gang of foreign revolutionaries who lay low in a nearby derelict compound.

FV25  | Dir: Chris McClean  | Finisterre | Composition | Sound Design

Dir: Chris McClean  |  H&M  |  soundtrack & sound design

FURTHER | North Face | Rework of 'FV25' | Sound Design

In 2015, Tassy Fils-Aime became the first Haitian to run the entire length of his home country. In completing the grueling run, Tassy and a small team proved the feat was possible - opening it up to the public for 2016.

Slab : The Winter Session  |  Dir: Chris McClean  |  Monster  |  soundtrack 

The Driftwood Tales  |  Dir :Chris McClean  |  soundtrack & sound design 

Trailer to the 28th edition of the Hamburg International Short Film Festival directed by Simon Ellis. Music under the short-lived alias Jetti.

also work for Cartoon Network, Four Films. Channel 4, and many others 

A full list of credits can be made available on request